Xeo Vascular Lesion & Veins LV

Vascular Lesion & Veins LV


Vascular Lesion & Veins LV Laser

We are thrilled to introduce Cutera xeo® YAG laser, a groundbreaking treatment that combines energies to effectively and gently minimize the visibility of problematic veins on both the legs and face. Embrace the future of vein treatment with Cutera.


What is Vascular Lesion & Veins LV Laser

This Laser treatment offers a focused approach to vein removal. By targeting the blood vessels directly, the laser's heat coagulates the blood, causing the vessel walls to collapse and eventually fade away. Witness the transformation as your skin returns to its pristine state, supported by your body's natural healing processes.


Innovative Technology 

 Cutera xeo® YAG laser vein treatment harnesses the synergy of bipolar radio frequency and light energies to precisely target and eliminate unwanted veins, ensuring the safety and preservation of the surrounding skin. This innovative approach promises a seamless and comfortable experience, revealing clearer, more radiant skin.


Ideal Candidates and Treatable Areas 

Suitable for a wide array of skin types, Cutera xeo® YAG laser is your answer to treating those small, red spider veins that mar the face and lower body, as well as the more prominent blue-green veins adorning the legs. where efficacy meets versatility.



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