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Science meets nature

Decades immersed in the world of skincare and developing a formidable reputation for excellence has been the diving off point for skin guru Jody Burke to develop her own range of high performing cosmeceutical skincare.

The result is Xcell Medical Strength Skincare, an impressive collection of thoughtfully created products which combine the latest proven ingredients obtained from Mother Nature, with state-of-the-art science.

The results driven range treats all skin concerns using the highest quality, medical strength ingredients.

As a highly respected skincare aesthetician (and owner of specialist skin and laser clinic About Skin), Jody has spent over 15 years developing, mastering and perfecting her range with one of the world’s most renowned skincare laboratories based in the United States.

Jody’s background includes steering several prominent companies based in New Zealand while serving as a National Educator in Advanced Skin Work and Chemical Peels.

After distributing and educating clinics on one of the most significant advanced medical lines in New Zealand, Jody learned that her profound understanding of both skincare and the industry allowed her to assess precisely where her niche in the industry lies.

So when she decided to formulate her own brand, she had a clear vision of exactly what she wanted to achieve, as well as recognising that there was only one laboratory she wanted to partner with.

Jody’s vision was clear; to erase the scepticism in skincare, replacing it with undeniable, tangible results.

"My mission was to obliterate the clutter of inefficacy that fills our beauty shelves and introduce a line where each product is a testament to what it says it will do," she says.

“Xcell stands as a testament to what's genuinely achievable with the right blend of science and nature.

“The Xcell Medical Skincare range has been formulated with stringent testing and the most complex scientific research, resulting in potent, ‘chirally correct’ skincare that rapidly addresses skin concerns.”

Driven by an unwavering passion for the skincare domain, Jody’s profound understanding of diverse skin conditions and nuanced treatments is evident. Consequently the Xcell Medical Skincare range has been formulated with stringent testing and the most complex scientific research, resulting in potent, ‘chirally correct’ skincare that rapidly addresses skin concerns.

Jody’s mantra is simple: deliver skincare that works, devoid of empty promises and half measures

BeautyNZ finds out more:


Q- There’s something of a glut of brand and products on the market. What should consumers know about skincare in 2024 to ensure they’re choosing products wisely?

A- In2024, consumers should prioritize transparency and evidence-based results. Look for brands that are forthcoming about ingredient sourcing, clinical trials, and the science behind their formulations. It's essential to select products that have FDA approval, comply with CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), and are USDA NOF (National Organic Program) approved, ensuring the highest standard of product safety and efficacy. Consumers are increasingly seeking out medical-strength products that promise and deliver tangible results, rather than generic over-the-counter solutions. By focusing on products that are not only tailored to specific skin concerns but also meet rigorous quality and regulatory standards, consumers can make wise, informed choices in a saturated market.

Q- What are common skincare misconceptions you’re striving to change?

 A- common skincare misconception that needs addressing is the equivalence of cosmetic and medical-strength products. Many consumers believe that all skincare products have similar effects, regardless of their formulation strength. I am striving to educate the market on the significant differences between cosmetic-grade and medical-strength skincare. Medical-strength products are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients and are subject to more rigorous testing and approval processes, such as FDA scrutiny and CGMP regulations. These products are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, offering more significant and targeted results for various skin concerns. By clarifying this distinction, I aim to guide consumers towards choices that are not only safe and compatible with their skin but also truly effective in addressing their specific skincare needs.


Q - Why is education such an important part of skincare?
A - In a market saturated with a multitude of skincare lines, education empowers consumers to make informed choices when purchasing products that promise given results. Understanding the science of skincare, ingredient benefits, and how products interact with the skin ensures that consumers can select the most effective products for their needs, avoiding trial and error.


Q - What does Chirally Correct mean and why is this so important? 

A - Chirally correct skincare contains ingredients that have been tested to ensure that they only contain the active molecules that the human body can use, and the inactive molecules are filtered out. Xcell Medical technology ensures that every molecule is perfectly aligned with the skin’s needs, maximizing efficacy while minimizing potential irritants. It’s a scientific approach where each application is a step towards unparalleled results, ensuring ingredients are bioavailable and effective. Xcell's medical skincare products is chirally correct, stable, FDA, CGMP, and USDA NOF approved, ensuring compliance with cGMP standards.

Q- What is ‘Green Chemistry’?

A - Green chemistry in skincare means employing manufacturing processes and ingredient sourcing that is environmentally sustainable. It's about creating products that are as kind to the environment as they are to the skin, without compromising on effectiveness. 

Xcell Medical Skincare stands out as a prime example of ‘Green Chemistry” utilising the purest organically sourced ingredients that honour both you and the planet, blending natures finest with cutting edge science. Xcell Medical products are stored in specialised violet eco-conscious glass packaging, which helps preserve the potency of the products.

 Q - What are non-negotiables for you personally when it comes to skincare?

A - My non-negotiables include product integrity, ingredient purity, strength, potency and environmental sustainability. I insist on transparent labelling, no animal testing, and formulas free from harmful chemicals. Effectiveness without compromise is essential.




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